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Thursday 26th January, in-hand and ride

Posted on January 30, 2017 at 9:15 AM

Came up during the day and decided to ride. Popped the saddle on for in-hand work as well.

Ridingwise it was ok. He felt a bit stiff and annoyed at first, but then once he was well warmed up, he was nice, supple and forward. I was not planning to trot, but as the walk went so nicely and the surface was ok, I decided to try. First go was slightly protesty, I came back to walk and got him relaxed there, then tried again, and this time he was fine with the work and actually gave me really deep stretches for a change. Well, haven’t really been able to do much work on ridden trot due to the surface problems. But very pleased with him in the end.

Was starting to be a bit worried about the saddle fit again. It seems that it may becoming too tight again, but if we put a wider head plate on, the saddle sits too low… hmmm…


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