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Sunday 29th January, in-hand, lunge and short ride

Posted on January 30, 2017 at 9:55 AM

Did some in-hand before lunging. The surface was perfect today, the school was harrowed and flat, and the top was a little soft. Could do some proper work with good bits of cantering as well. After lunging we tried the saddle on with its wider head plate. It sat better and there was a little more space around the withers. The saddle was out of balance though and we needed to pump more air to the front. It worked and we got the saddle in balance, still just about enough space to the side and over the withers that it doesn’t do harm just now. However, will need to find a better solution soon, this is just temporary relief to our problem. Maybe we just have to get a new type of saddle altogether…

After we got the saddle adjusted, I rode a little in walk and trot. It went well. The fact that Pöly showed only minor protest to the work in the beginning of the trot work and then totally relaxed to the work, indicates that the saddle indeed is ok just now. The protest we think was due to how the saddle felt before… anticipation of uncomfort. When he found out that it was ok, he relaxed. Did not ride long since the idea was to just try the saddle, and besides he had had a full lunge session before.


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