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Friday 27th January, in-hand, ride and lunge

Posted on January 30, 2017 at 9:30 AM

Did first some in-hand work, then decided to put the saddle on and ride in walk. He did fine in the walk and really wanted to stretch as low as possible. I checked how much space the saddle has beside his withers, and I think that it’s beginning to be too little… Need to get that sorted somehow. And need to check it still better. Maybe wider head plate and then I have to see if pumping more air in the front panels will help.

After a riding session in walk with leg yields and shoulder fores, I hopped off after a particularly good leg yield to the left, took off saddle and reins and started lunging to give him work in a faster pace without any possible pinching from the saddle. He was a bit stiff still. He got quite lot of canter work today since the surface was soft. And it was going well! He did one massive spook as well at some point… no idea why… Other horses in their paddocks spooked as well, so maybe I missed something happening on the road. But even with the spook he just remained in the circle and relaxed in his canter at some point. Really good to get nice and a bit more extensive work in both trot and canter.


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