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Training Journal

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Tuesday 24th January, In-hand and lunge

Posted on January 30, 2017 at 7:45 AM Comments comments (0)

Today just your average in-hand work at first and then lunge session. All went well.


Monday 23rd January, day off

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Since the work out was so long yesterday, we gave him a day off.


Sunday 22nd January, Lunge and hack

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Lunged Pöly briefly before I hopped on and had time to just do a couple rounds of walk work before others were ready and we headed off to a hack. We were five. Along the road for a bit, then along a field track and then into the forest. Very icy conditions! Not even a thought of doing more than careful walk. Not as relaxing as it can be since we all were looking for the best and least icy part to walk on. The round took 1h 45 min. Really nice and Pöly enjoyed it thoroughly with others.


Saturday 21st January, In-hand and ride

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In-hand work went really smoothly. I hopped on immediately after some minutes of that. Did quite some walk work, which seemed to go fine. I felt a little tipped forward in the saddle though… Anyways, I started to trot and Pöly gave me a little bit of resistance… He did start to work fine though after a while and stretched. I was a bit suspicious though, and my concerns were founded when I checked the sit of the saddle as I was riding… it sat dangerously low. I could perhaps put a finger between his spine and the saddle, and I felt how it tipped as he was moving… so in trot I thought it wouldn’t be surprising if it was hitting or rubbing him. So, no wonder he was a little annoyed. Trotted a little on other hand as well but mainly stayed in walk when I could be sure that the saddle was not going to hurt him. But the session was kept rather short today. DJ changed the head plate afterwards… Lets see tomorrow how it sits then. DJ had hard time believing me at first when I said to him while riding that the saddle is dangerously low on him, because he had ridden just a week ago and really checked that he could fit 2 finger widths easily between the withers and the saddle… he couldn’t believe how much he changed in just a week! Well, he did.


Friday 20th January, Day off

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Day off today.


Thursday 19th January, Lunge

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Worked him on the lunge today. Ground still pretty hard, but melting. He had not suffered from the slip on Tuesday luckily. Worked really well. However, when I went for him in the field and did as I usually do, putting on his bridle in the field… he decided to bugger off… First time he does that. I have to say that I did leave a ‘door open’ for him to do it, so he just took his chance. Well, I had the reins over his head, as I reached to put the bridle on him, he took off, which meant that I held on to the bridle and it snapped… and he trotted off with the rest of the bridle hanging under his belly… luckily he stepped on it and the reins snapped. And I just had to go and gather up the bits and pieces. He had not stepped on the bit though, so that was lucky. So, I had to just go back to the stables and put the bit on another bridle. When I got him this time using his halter, he stood as still as a statue… ;) And I wasn’t even angry or anything. I think he figured out that what he did was not such a nice idea. And then he worked totally fine in the lunge in the school. And that is why I didn’t do any in-hand work! Since the reins were broken… and I didn’t go and dig up another pair.


Wednesday 18th January, day off

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Was planning to work him, but had to give him a day off since the school was booked for some lessons just as we were at the stables… had forgotten that.


Tuesday 17th January, in-hand and lunge.

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In-hand as normal. Lunging went well as well, except that ground was hard and had icy patches. Pöly fancied some canters, but was mostly in control of himself. However, he did slip once with his hind feet and struggled to keep upright. He did though and seemed totally fine afterwards. Stretched his hind feet afterwards in the box and he was totally fine with everything. Shall see tomorrow, if he is somehow stiff somewhere.


Monday 16th January, day off.

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Since he had such a long hack yesterday – albeit in walk only – we decided to give him a day off to recover from it.


Sunday 15th January, in-hand, ride and hack

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First some in-hand work and then DJ rode in walk for about 15 min in the school before going on a hack to the roads, fields and forest for about 1 h 45 min with a big group of others.

School was rock solid with some icy puddle patches. Still walk work was possible there. And Pöly loved the hack in walk. Very nice route. He was leading the group in the forest track and was just loving it striding big and really concentrating on the track. DJ had to stop every now and then to let the others catch up because Pöly strode so big. Nice and calm boy, didn’t put a foot wrong.