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Friday 3rd February, day off

Posted on February 3, 2017 at 10:30 AM Comments comments (3)


Unplanned day off because of weather. Just as we were going to go out for a hack, it started raining and sleeting… bah.



Thursday 2nd February, Lunge

Posted on February 3, 2017 at 6:40 AM Comments comments (0)

Lunging before farrier appointment. He was a little stiff, which was no wonder since last time’s work was rather heavy and this time I didn’t start with in-hand work. He must have been still a little sore in the muscles after that harder pole work. I gave him big circles to relax on and then every now and then asked for more work. He suppled up and his back started really working in relaxation on the left side as well. I heard one of his shoes starting to click in the latter part of the work… and afterwards noticed that it was indeed loosening and he had lost half of his snow pad. Just as well the farrier was there later on.


Wednesday 1st February, Day off

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Deserved day off.


Tuesday 31st January, lunge over poles

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Lunging straight on. He was working energetically and fine. I put three poles down for him. I had the middle pole up on one side from the start while the other two were on the ground, and he went over them in a grand manner immediately! Then I lifted the two up on one side as well. He had no problems with those wither on the right hand. I put the first pole back down on the ground and lifted the middle one to a cavaletti. It was a little difficult for him in the beginning, but he soon went over in a good manner. Left hand he had more difficulties. The ground poles went fine, but as I lifted the poles it became more difficult. He finds the approach to the first one always more difficult on the left for some reason, and if he gets the first pole wrong, the rest are a bit difficult as well. So, we had a couple funny moments with him jumping over the two latter poles… but he got it when I made it a little easier by lowering both the outer poles and leaving the mid pole only up.

Hard work, but he did it splendidly.


Monday 30th January, in-hand and lunge

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First in-hand work and lunging. Both went as normal. He was working really well.


Sunday 29th January, in-hand, lunge and short ride

Posted on January 30, 2017 at 9:55 AM Comments comments (0)

Did some in-hand before lunging. The surface was perfect today, the school was harrowed and flat, and the top was a little soft. Could do some proper work with good bits of cantering as well. After lunging we tried the saddle on with its wider head plate. It sat better and there was a little more space around the withers. The saddle was out of balance though and we needed to pump more air to the front. It worked and we got the saddle in balance, still just about enough space to the side and over the withers that it doesn’t do harm just now. However, will need to find a better solution soon, this is just temporary relief to our problem. Maybe we just have to get a new type of saddle altogether…

After we got the saddle adjusted, I rode a little in walk and trot. It went well. The fact that Pöly showed only minor protest to the work in the beginning of the trot work and then totally relaxed to the work, indicates that the saddle indeed is ok just now. The protest we think was due to how the saddle felt before… anticipation of uncomfort. When he found out that it was ok, he relaxed. Did not ride long since the idea was to just try the saddle, and besides he had had a full lunge session before.


Saturday 28th January, day off

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After four days of work he deserved a day off.


Friday 27th January, in-hand, ride and lunge

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Did first some in-hand work, then decided to put the saddle on and ride in walk. He did fine in the walk and really wanted to stretch as low as possible. I checked how much space the saddle has beside his withers, and I think that it’s beginning to be too little… Need to get that sorted somehow. And need to check it still better. Maybe wider head plate and then I have to see if pumping more air in the front panels will help.

After a riding session in walk with leg yields and shoulder fores, I hopped off after a particularly good leg yield to the left, took off saddle and reins and started lunging to give him work in a faster pace without any possible pinching from the saddle. He was a bit stiff still. He got quite lot of canter work today since the surface was soft. And it was going well! He did one massive spook as well at some point… no idea why… Other horses in their paddocks spooked as well, so maybe I missed something happening on the road. But even with the spook he just remained in the circle and relaxed in his canter at some point. Really good to get nice and a bit more extensive work in both trot and canter.


Thursday 26th January, in-hand and ride

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Came up during the day and decided to ride. Popped the saddle on for in-hand work as well.

Ridingwise it was ok. He felt a bit stiff and annoyed at first, but then once he was well warmed up, he was nice, supple and forward. I was not planning to trot, but as the walk went so nicely and the surface was ok, I decided to try. First go was slightly protesty, I came back to walk and got him relaxed there, then tried again, and this time he was fine with the work and actually gave me really deep stretches for a change. Well, haven’t really been able to do much work on ridden trot due to the surface problems. But very pleased with him in the end.

Was starting to be a bit worried about the saddle fit again. It seems that it may becoming too tight again, but if we put a wider head plate on, the saddle sits too low… hmmm…


Wednesday 25th January, In-hand and lunge

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Same as yesterday. I was concentrating on asking for really nice and forward pace in in-hand and more sideways movement in the leg yields.