Tytti Vanhala, Associate Trainer for Art2Ride

Based near Uppsala, Sweden

I became part of the Art2Ride associate trainers' program in June 2016. The program is an ongoing training platform where we associate trainers educate ourselves continuously via different assignments from Will Faerber. I was awarded the Foundation Level associate trainership on the 7th September 2016. 

I will be happy to come and help with lunging and in-hand training according to the Art2Ride classical foundation training principles. Clinics are also possible, if there are enough people interested in learning ground work. I can also offer video analysis and critiquing service via internet, contact for these are via Art2Ride critique service at the moment. The critique that I would give will go through Will Faerber to assure that I have given the best advice possible.  

I keep on studying and learning all the time under Will Faerber through self critiquing as well as critiquing other Art2Ride associate trainers' videos. About once a year I'm hosting Will's clinic here in Knivsta, Sweden. I'm also aiming to visit San Diego and Will once a year, if at all possible. There are also plans for associate trainer based clinic meetings in the future. Will keeps a good eye on us, so that we know what we are doing and can guide others correctly. 

Feel free to get in contact if you are interested in this type of ground work training, and we'll see how I can help and what I can do. I'm charging 300 SEK (30 eur) per training session (maybe max. ~45 min, depending on the horse and their fitness level of course), plus travel charge if I'm travelling further from my base in Knivsta.  

I have a registered company in Sweden (Vanhalytix), so I pay my taxes here including VAT.